Choosing the Right Business Structure

Choosing the Right Business Structure

You are ready to turn your passion into a new business venture.  But before you get too ahead of the game, it is best to figure out what type of business structure works the best for your goals.  Each one has different costs, tax burdens and legal implications that must be explored. 

Budgeting- A Blueprint for Success

Budgeting- A Blueprint for Success

Planning, accounting, costing, making financial arrangements, budgeting.  Whatever word you use creating a budget can sometimes seem daunting, but really it can be empowering. The reality is, your small business financial position is what it is.  Not knowing or working without a budget does not change the situation.  In fact, not knowing can put you and your business in serious peril.  

1099's Are Coming To Town

Knowing what is and what is not 1099’d can be very confusing.  Then comes the difficulty of making sure you have all the important information about that vendor on file.  Here are some tips to make this upcoming season a success for your small business.

With Gratitude...

As a small business owner, sometime the stress of the day to day can be overwhelming.  When the days are rough it is hard to find “thanks” while you are busy “giving”, but that is when it is the most necessary.  Creating an atmosphere of gratitude around yourself and your business, motivates employees and endears clients.

Ants and Worms: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Business

I walked out my door the other day to a curious sight.  There was a group of ants moving a dead worm across my sidewalk.  What fascinated me, was how big the worm was compared to the minuscule ants moving it. As a small business owner, sometimes I feel a little bit like those ants. Facing big obstacles, that at times seem overwhelming.  But, like those ants, our job is to come up with ways to solve them.

A Life Well Balanced

“Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”  How can I keep growing small business, being involved in my community, and find the necessary balance in nurturing my other relationships?