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Job Costing:  How Much Profit Are You Really Making?

Job Costing: How Much Profit Are You Really Making?

There is a lot of detail that can go into creating an accurate job costing report. Having this information is crucial in making accurate business decisions. Learn more from our latest blog post.

5 Signs It's Time to Find A Bookkeeper.

5 Signs It's Time to Find A Bookkeeper.

In my opinion, one of the most overlooked areas to outsource is your company's bookkeeping.  Take a look at this list and if you find yourself doing even one of these, give us a call.

1099's Are Coming To Town

Knowing what is and what is not 1099’d can be very confusing.  Then comes the difficulty of making sure you have all the important information about that vendor on file.  Here are some tips to make this upcoming season a success for your small business.

Ants and Worms: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Business

I walked out my door the other day to a curious sight.  There was a group of ants moving a dead worm across my sidewalk.  What fascinated me, was how big the worm was compared to the minuscule ants moving it. As a small business owner, sometimes I feel a little bit like those ants. Facing big obstacles, that at times seem overwhelming.  But, like those ants, our job is to come up with ways to solve them.

A Life Well Balanced

“Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.”  How can I keep growing small business, being involved in my community, and find the necessary balance in nurturing my other relationships?

"Trust Me" - What Should Be Behind Those Two Little Words

So what is trust?  If you ask a handful of people, you will most likely get a handful of answers. See, we all describe it differently, but we know what it looks and feels like.  We also know that we need it to have any relationship work, both professionally and privately.  

You Can't Have One Without the Other: Balance Sheet vs. Profit & Loss

Do you ever have a song stuck in your head?  Right now I have one I can’t get out.  It’s not a bad song mind you.  In fact, it goes with the topic I sat down to write about today, which is probably why it is stuck in my head.  What song could possible go with an accounting blog you might ask?